Mefford Multimedia, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company which owns the intellectual property of products developed by Mefford Associates and Jason Mefford.

More information can be found at: www.meffordmultimedia.com

Mefford Associates is the doing-business-as (DBA) trade name for Mefford Enterprises, Inc. a California C-Corporation.  Mefford Associates is a boutique business training, coaching and advisory firm focusing on the topics of Principled Performance, corporate governance, risk management, compliance, GRC, internal audit, internal controls, certification preparation, and ethics.  More information can be found at: www.meffordassociates.com

Jason Mefford is a Rock Star in Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance. He typically works with Chief Audit Executives and professionals in audit, risk and compliance with technical and soft-skill through executive coaching, speaking, training, and facilitating.

He is the President and CEO of Mefford Enterprises, Inc., Mefford Associates, Mefford Multimedia, LLC and is a co-founder of cRisk Academy, the #1 on-demand and webinar training platform for internal auditors.

For more information on Jason Mefford, visit his personal website.


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